Now Only 99 Cents

The Hunger But Mainly Death Games is now just $0.99 for Kindle.

The Hunger But Mainly Death Games – Now Available in Paperback!

The Hunger But Mainly Death Games is now available on Amazon in paperback. It’s also available as an ebook.

We’re also proud to announce The Weirdly Expensive Hunger But Mainly Death Games:

At $200, it’s a must-have for any rich Hunger Games parody collectors. The Weirdly Expensive Version will give the distinguished Collector access to:

– A Skype Q+A with the authors. This Q+A will be posted on, allowing the Collector to relive this magical moment again and again. The authors will be shirtless on request.
– A personalized audio book, narrated by the authors (who will be shirtless during said recording), with each chapter addressed to the Collector.
– 5 minutes guided access to our @HungerGameSpoof twitter account.
– A sample of real-life mockstrich poop.
– A special Hunger But Mainly Death Games survival kit, which includes:
– one bag flour
– box of sandwich bags (twist ties included)
– one deviled egg
– cardboard shield
– one copy of Wild Wild West soundtrack feat. Will Smith, Dru Hill & Kool Mo Dee

Inside “The Hunger But Mainly Death Games: Weirdly Expensive Version,” the Collector will find a secret email address, which will allow the Collector to activate all of their special features.

The Hunger But Mainly Death Games – Available November 15th

Coming this November: The Hunger But Mainly Death Games, a parody by Bratniss Everclean, and the only book brave enough to suggest that The Hunger Games was way more about death than food.

Or at least this is what Bratniss Everclean discovers, when she shortsightedly volunteers for a teenage death tournament. But she soon realizes there are fates worse than death…like having to kiss her fellow competitor and lifelong stalker, Pita Malarkey.

The Hunger But Mainly Death Games: putting the funny back in teen death tournaments this November.